Digital Marketing

A successful digital marketing strategy has data, thorough understanding, forethought, and eye-catching content.
We listen to your goals and work on a strategy to suit your business requirements. We can work within your budget – big, small or anything in between. Whether it’s Paid Search, also called Pay Per Click (PPC) & Display Remarketing, Social Media Management or even Fractional Marketing, we can partner with you and/or your team to drive the results you are looking for.

Market Research & Strategy

The digital marketing strategy we develop not only makes sure your budget is spent wisely but also evolves with the changing market conditions. The strategy has a plan on how to use the different platforms effectively for short-term and long-term goals. Without strong market research, it’s a guessing game about what’s going to work, which yields in a waste of time and money. So, save your resources and let us handle your digital growth.

Search & Display Marketing

If you have a limited budget or if you want to test waters, Search ads are a great way to get started. If you are focused on building brand awareness, Display ads can get you there. They both have their unique place in the marketing world. We will work with you in making a decision which is best suited for your business.

Social Media Management

We meticulously plan, craft, and execute quality content on social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram to resonate with your brand. We do audits, audience research, conduct surveys, and polls, and roll out engaging and relevant content. We monitor, measure, and report the social media performance and ROI just like we do others. More people go to social media platforms now to get to know your brand. We’ll get yours ready to make that great first impression! We are happy to go over case studies including the popularity of our SeeJH Facebook and SeeJH Instagram pages.

Analytics & Reporting

Why reporting? Well, we want to show you the marketing efforts are paying off and you are getting the ROI you expected. Reporting also helps establish benchmarks to see how we are succeeding or if there’s room for improvement. Transparency and consistent communication is something we highly value. We send you reports every month ( or bi-weekly) to show you the campaign performances. These monthly reports let you see the data in real-time, measure the progress and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Did that get you excited?

Call us to learn more. We’ll go over case studies of digital marketing efforts and compare the organic vs paid numbers.

What our valuable

Customers are saying:

SeeJH is a team of friendly, enthusiastic experts specializing in Websites and Digital Marketing. We have relied on SeeJH for many years for our small business needs and they have always followed through with helpful advice and cutting-edge ideas for promotion. We highly recommend this group who have become friends and advisors we can count on.

Solitude Float Trips

SeeJH is excellent to work with, they are friendly and very professional. In the constant changing world of marketing they consistently provide positive results for our growing resort business. They are always quick to respond to our needs no matter the issue. They provide expert advice and professional services, allowing us to focus our attention on our guests. We couldn't do what we do without the help of SeeJH. -

Goosewing Ranch

SeeJH has hosted and managed our website for many years. Most recently, they've helped up with our branding project-rebuilding our website, integrating third-party platforms, and creating new marketing material to go along with our vision. It has been a great success in driving revenue and we have SeeJH to thank for doing such a quick yet clean job.

Continental Divide Dog Sled Adventures